All activities of Turgut Ilaclari A.S. are based on our principles on bioethics. Within the framework of these principles;

– We fully comply with national and international regulations in all our activities in the bioethics field,

– We respect the nature, people and animals in the research, development and manufacturing processes of our biotechnical products,

– We fully comply with the universal bioethics norms in the supply of human and animal cells as well as on genetic and stem cell studies,

– We collaborate with institutions and authorities that will guide us in complying with bioethics norms regarding research, human& animal testing and environmental issues,

– We seek same level of sensitivity in our business partners and stakeholders towards bioethics,

– We strive to keep our employees, stakeholders and partners up to date with amendments and developments in the universal bioethics norms and support them with relevant training programs when needed,

– We strive to raise awareness with regard to bioethics norms not only in our company but also in general public. We organize activities in support of this objective and participate in current activities.