Turgut Ilaclari A.S.’s current R&D Lab is the first of its kind in Turkey, which has been approved and authorized by the Ministry of Health for generic product development. Construction of the lab started in 2005 and the first R&D activities were initiated in 2008. Activities in the lab involve in-depth studies for the development of a variety of products in especially tablet, capsule and sachet forms, starting from the raw material stage to the registration approval.

The R&D Lab consists of analytical development, formulation development, quality assurance and registration departments run by expert team members from different disciplines preparing drug registration files in compliance with the EU Common Technical Document format.

Moreover, in our efforts to acquire and use the state-of-the-art and the most innovative technologies, we are continuing our studies to supply API and excipients, to perform studies on formulation, analytical method development, analytical method validations, stability studies, laboratory-scale productions and to carry out registration procedures with growing quality, volume and density. Other than these activities that we have been performing in-house, we outsource the clinical studies along with the pilot scale and commercial scale manufacturing work.