Turgut Ilaclari A.S. is a member of Turgut Group, one of the outstanding entrepreneurs of the Turkish Pharmaceutical Industry, with an experience spanning more than 50 years. In addition to establishing collaborations with the largest and the most reputable organizations of the world, our group has always led the way in business fields ranging from drug product/API development and manufacturing to cosmetics and medical publishing.

Our company, which had been established under the name of E.R. Squibb & Sons Ilaclar A.O in 1951, was incorporated into Turgut Group, and following a title change in 1993, its name was turned into Turgut Ilaclari A.S.

Following the termination of a strategic partnership between Fako Ilaclari A.S. (which was a Turgut Group company) and Actavis in 2006, which commenced in early 2004, Turgut Ilaclari A.S. focused its investments on its R&D Laboratory in order to seek regulatory approval for its own products.

On the other hand, from 2013 onwards, in addition to its activities within the field of generic product development, Turgut Ilaclari A.S. started working on various biotechnology drugs of monoclonal antibody structure in order to meet the growing demand for and improve access to biosimilars both in Turkey and in global markets by developing and manufacturing biosimilar products.

Furthermore, a joint construction project has been started and continued by Turgut Ilaclari A.S. on its land in Istanbul’s Levent district.